These Super Bowl Trackers Will Help You Follow the Hashtag Horserace

Avocados From Mexico and Pepsi are blowing up



Who will win the Super Bowl? The Broncos or Budweiser? The Panthers or Pokemon? 

Social insights platform Brandwatch has created a dreamy way to keep up with which brands are dominating the social media conversation at any point before or during the game. Here's a sample of its stats:




For the second year in a row, Postano has created the BrandBowl to monitor how many times users on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram use various hashtags before and during the game.

"Hashtags have become the de facto call to action over website URLs, so we decided to track the hashtags to see which ads resonated with TV watchers the most," according to a rep for the tech vendor. "For marketers who are more interested in the commercials than the game itself, the BrandBowl is a great way to follow the social action throughout the game."

Check out Postano's interactive infographic that's being updated in real time and is exclusive to Adweek: