These People Are Tweeting The Bible… For The Next 86 Years

It’s quite an ambitious plan. One verse from the Christian Bible tweeted every day. But a group of friends are dedicated to the project, and are already half a month in… with just 85.96 years to go.

The project launched at 11:11 on November 11th, with the opening verse from Genesis. Since then, the @TweetTheBible86 account has tweeted 20 subsequent verses from Genesis, leaving off on Genesis 1:21 today:

“So God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”

The massive undertaking is led by Anthony J. Thompson. According to the group’s press release, he and a group of friends started the account after discussing what the early church might have done if they had technology like Twitter. And so “Tweet The Bible” was born.

Since most verses in the Bible are longer than 140 characters, the group has created separate, stand-alone pages for each verse that can be clicked over to from within each day’s tweet, which includes only the first part of the verse. The stand-alone page has the full verse, as well as an option to listen to it via an audio embed.

In order to spread the word about their project, they’re using several hashtags. The main hashtag, #TweetTheBible, as well as several related hashtags along with relevant verses, such as #creation and #Genesis.

And while the @TweetTheBible account’s main purpose is to tweet one Bible verse a day, it is also tweeting to the community, asking them to retweet verses and expressing thanks this past Thanksgiving.

(Image: VladisChern via Shutterstock)