These Fossil Ads Show How Tasty’s Viral Cooking Videos Are Made

Latest campaign to promote its smartwatch

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

If you've ever wondered how BuzzFeed's popular Tasty videos come together, Fossil's new ads want to show you. As a follow-up to its recent twist on the viral "Instagram Husbands" clip, the watch brand's newest spot plays off of the success of the digital publisher's viral videos.

Fossil worked with 360i and BuzzFeed to create a three-part series called "Behind the Hands of a Tasty Producer," which profiles three Tasty producers and promotes the brand's smartwatch. Each video starts off with the producer reading comments off of their videos in the style of Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segment. The clips focus on how the BuzzFeed staffers came up with the idea for a successful food video, as well as giving a little background on themselves.

Merle O'Neal, for example, is a vegetarian who "tries to make vegetables exciting for people because I feel like people hear 'vegetarian' and they're automatically pushed away." Alvin Zhou—who Adweek followed for a recent feature story about Tasty—talks about how he learned to cook by Skype video messaging with his mom. And Scott Loitsch explains why a recipe for an ice cream-filled churro was his most successful video.

Of course, the producers are wearing Fossil smartwatches and the videos show off its features, including the ability to play music, see notifications and alerts and set a timer. "The voiceover played a hugely integral part in organically showcasing the watch functionality and how it can be used to enhance your everyday life," said Jill Elliott, chief creative officer at Fossil.

Fossil says it's the first time that the brand has worked with a non-fashion media partner as part of a campaign to target folks outside of the fashion world.

"We consider ourselves innovative and curious types, and we wanted to tap into our customers' interests outside of just fashion in order to raise awareness and have our product be the most relevant and top of mind," Elliott said. "Revealing the producers behind the hands of the Tasty chefs was a unique behind-the-scenes opportunity."

Take a look at the three videos below that are beginning to roll out on Tasty's Facebook page today.

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.