These Award-Winning Drone Photos Show How Everything Looks Cooler From Above

Dronestagram names contest winners

There's nothing like a good dronie—the unique perspective, the otherworldly imagery and the fun of a selfie. So, when users of Dronestagram, an app devoted to drone photography, were asked to share their best work, the results, as expected, were astounding.

Dronestagram hosted its second annual International Drone Photography Contest with some big sponsors, including National Geographic, GoPro, Adobe, Kodak, Parrot, Hexo+ and Hobico. Organizers received 5,000 entries, which competed in three categories: Places, Nature and Dronies.

Prizes included cameras and drones, and the winners will be published in National Geographic.

Asked about the recent fascination with drones, Dronestagram's head of marketing, Guiallme Jarret, said, "Maybe because we live in a very narcissistic period and the dronies represent a new way to see us, each other, from above."

He added that dronies are all about having fun with the relatively new technology: "Don't take yourself too seriously; you're just a human."

As drone use continues to evolve among the creative and technological communities, here's a look at some of the best work being done today, according to Dronestagram:

This snorkeling-with-sharks shot took first prize in the Nature category. 

This shot was taken in La Jolla, Calif., and won second prize for Nature. 

A photo above Mont Saint-Michel won second prize for Places. 

This Mazatlan, Mexico, photo earned a third-place prize. 

These tulip fields won third prize in the Places category.

This photo of a tiny island in French Polynesia won third prize in the Nature category. 

This Where's Waldo-inspired shot, taken at Limassol Carnaval in Cyprus, won for best Dronie.