These Are Hallie Jackson’s Campaign Trail Must-Haves

All the gear that fits into a 40-pound bag.

Like everyone else on the campaign trail, NBC News correspondent Hallie Jackson‘s workspace is anywhere and everywhere, like “the passenger seat of a car or an airport restaurant,” she tells Lifehacker’s Andy Orin in a Q&A. “It could be a press riser at a Trump rally or sitting on a sidewalk.”

But while the space may be improvised, it requires a lot of packing and planning, not to mention a “40-pound backpack” that didn’t quite make it, to pull it off. What goes into that backpack? “Juice packs, extra phone chargers, my own power strip, and plenty of snacks at all times.” There’s also her MacBook Air, cracked iPhone 6s, a “pristine” iPad Air 2 and a travel mic kit–everything she needs to make herself a “one-woman mobile bureau.”

Check out the full interview here.