These 4 Mobile Monetization Tools Show You the Money


In the mobile world, app development continues to grow unabated. Mobile devices are anticipated to make up at least half of paid search clicks by next year. This growth is so rapid, that many app publishers lose sight of the prize: to monetize, all while building your brand and growing users.

There are many ways to increase engagement: providing relevant content, having a robust social media presence, or offering giveaways. Since a large factor in monetization is also about retaining your visitors you must constantly provide them with an incentive to return.

So, what are the best ways out there to monetize your app? There are quite a few companies in the mobile monetization space. Not all do it well. But I feel these four do:

Google’s AdMob

Admob50,000 businesses with a mobile presence are supported by AdMob’s in-app advertising technology. The mobile ad platform empowers app publishers to choose from thousands of advertisers. Developers can select both ads and ad formats that best fit their product and earn income each time an ad (usually a banner) is clicked on. AdMob also allows publishers to advertise their products within other apps.


By implementing InMobi’s SDK, developers and publishing houses can maximize app revenue. The company services some of the top brands that have established valuable connections with their target audiences while increasing engagement and implementing the best CPM models. The flexibility of the platform allows publishers and developers to choose where they want their ads to show, either by filtering out ads from competitors or by using categories. InMobi also supports a wide array of ad formats such as high-definition banners, video, rich media as well as interstitial and expandable ads.


LinkuryLinkury is a monetization tool that stands out as it offers app publishers a wide selection of channels for monetization. The platform employs an array of powerful engagement and management tools to achieve the highest level of monetization possible. For example, Linkury extends apps to a user’s home and lock screens to increase exposure. It allows you to interact and connect with users and optimize your monetization strategy with built-in features like contextual advertising driven by user interests and their search behavior.


Tapjoy employs a model that is incentive-driven, making it a top choice for developers. Utilizing this model called Mobile Value Exchange, interactions with advertisers is encouraged via clicks which can include downloading another app. The users have an incentive to click via gaining virtual currency and other bonuses. The company claims that developers realize a 50 to 300 percent increase in monetization.
Monetization software usually comes at a price, but it provides access to millions of users worldwide, hence spreading your app to the mobile masses and thereby increasing conversions.

The key is finding one that matches your needs and that works best for you and sticking to it. While it is a dilemma for many developers and app publishing houses, this problem can be solved by simply doing a bit of research.

Alex Gutman, the author of this post, is Linkury‘s evangelist.