How theScore Keeps Growing Its Facebook Page

TheScore grew their Facebook community exponentially in the past six months. Marketing manager Aubrey Levy says it's not magic, just best practices.

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TheScore was mobile-first back before everyone knew you had to be mobile first. Now, the sports publisher has around 9.2 million monthly active users. As a digital publisher, that means they are focusing on growing their social presence, too. In May, they had 140,000 fans on Facebook. Today, it’s around 1.5 million and climbing. So what gives? Marketing Director Aubrey Levy sat down with me to explain how they’re leveraging social media. The bottom line? “It’s not some black box of magic,” Levy says.

1) Know your content and your brand. Levy says:

Our content tends to be engaging because people have passionate appetites for their teams and players, so we have to  do a good job of covering it and give it a proper tone for our brand…We talk about sports the way sports fans want to engage with it. We’re not talking heads, we try to engage with our audience in the way they’re talking about it. We cover fantasy, player injuries.

2) Understand what’s going to perform on social.  “If you’re pushing a [Cristiano] Ronaldo story, you need to tag Ronaldo. Tagging the players, leagues and teams,” says Levy, is a simple thing, but it means ensuring your readers are going to see it. TheScore also posts about 30 times a day on Facebook. He says, “[It’s] a consistent and robust feed of content going through our page.”

3) Being in the conversation. While Twitter is a “firehose of news,” Levy notes, Facebook is different. Because of the algorithm, a story posted two days ago can pop up in a feed tomorrow. So they make sure that what’s happening on Facebook can withstand that “longer shelf life,” as Levy puts it.

Levy’s right — harnessing social media for your brand doesn’t have to be rocket science. It does however, take a little insight, consistency and a dedicated team of editors. You can follow theScore on Facebook here to see how they do it.

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