Theresa Duncan, Filmmaker and Game Developer, Reported Dead


Theresa Duncan, filmmaker and blogger, took her own life last week in New York, according to LA Observed.

Duncan was a pioneer in CD-ROM games for girls, creating Chop Suey and Smarty, introducing Mimi Smartypants. She was said to be directing her first film, in New York this summer, which was part of a deal with Fox Searchlight. Here’s a 2005 interview from the Hotel Chelsea blog.

Duncan and her partner, artist Jeremy Blake (who is missing as of this posting), were regular party guests at this FBLA editor’s home–always amusing, amazingly clad, and bearing unusual and unexpected gifts. Theresa had a unique visual sensitivity, and would frequently point out stunning juxtapositions of images.

Duncan also wrote about perfume, and the fragrance forums are mourning her.