There’s No Time to Discuss This As a Committee

Steering Committee.jpg

Design by committee. No one likes it. Except two design writers who have both chosen it as the title of their articles this week.

At Core77, Evo Design’s Annemarie DeLuca tells of her team’s despair when their ideas were wrestled away by an evil swarm of commercialism. Her Design by Committee describes what went wrong when Disney, Baby Einstein, Graco and Evo Design set out to innovate the “baby entertainer.”

Over at Design Observer, UnBeige BFF Michael Bierut gives us a more optimistic view of people’s behavior in groups. Bierut’s Design by Committee shows the ultimately triumphant give-and-take between Le Corbusier and Wallace K. Harrison in creating the United Nations headquarters.

So which is it? Committees good or committees bad? Let’s put it to a vote. All in favor?