There's No Stopping Twitter's Growth this Time

If there’s one thing that Facebook, Google, and the other web services want to happen right, that could probably be to stop Twitter’s traffic from growing. We’ve already told you before how Twitter become the number 3 social network following Facebook and MySpace based on Compete’s data. But looking at Twitter in terms of site traffic, comScore is reporting that Twitter’s traffic is growing exponentially.

comScore has been closely watching Twitter’s traffic for the past several months. And based on their observation, Twitter’s traffic was short of exploding. It was 10 million in February which was a 700+% increase the same time in 2008.

And data from the past two months showed that Twitter got 5 million more visitors. In the U.S. the number Twitter visitors grew by 4 million in February.

Undoubtedly, Twitter is the hottest web 2.0 service next to Facebook perhaps. But what is interesting about this news is the demographic analysis of Twitter users. According to the analysis of a Reuter’s reporter, majority of the Twitter users belong to the 25-54 age bracket. In addition, 36% of these users belong to the older 45-54 age bracket.

This could mean several things. One is the fact that Twitter is being used for a more mature purposes rather than for communicating senseless thoughts and ideas? Twitter is establishing itself as a faster way of communicating for business transactions, for sharing decisions and all?

Or could it be that the younger users prefer to use Facebook to communicate with their peers because it offers more fun stuff to do rather than posting 140 characters updates.

Whatever the reason is for Twitter’s traffic growth, the fact remains that it is becoming a force to reckon with in the web 2.0/social networking arena. And if a major internet player is eyeing to acquire Twitter, it must make an irresistable offer to succeed. Anyway, with site traffic as big as it has right now, there tremendous possibilities by which Twitter can be used to generate profit.