There’s No Money In Writing Anymore, So You Might As Well Write For Us For Free

Today we have possibly the strangest “please blog for our web 2.0 internets” request from a mainstream media organization we’ve ever come across.

In the (Lorain, Ohio) Morning Journal editor’s column of December 14, editor Tom Skoch explains why local folk should blog for the newspaper for free.

The short version: You used to be able to make money writing, but not anymore! So since nobody‘s getting paid for their writing, you might as well write for a more noble reason! Like, it’s fun and you get to tell other people what you think!

Never mind the fact that Skoch is still “scribbl[ing] for a living” and presumably not doing it for free.

The Morning Journal is owned by the Journal Register company, which also owns the (Torrington, CT) Register-Citizen, which is going an order of magnitude more daring with the citizen journalism idea, opening its newsroom to the public and letting anyone interested sit in on news meetings.

After the jump, a video of Skoch telling bloggers that they can “in a sense, become reporters.”

Morning Journal Media Lab from Journal Register Company on Vimeo.