There’s an App for That: Pop-Art Portraits

Limited-edition cans of Campbell’s Soup with labels derived from Warhol artwork.

Andy Warhol would surely have been one of the first people aboard the social media bandwagon, and while we’ll never know how he might have translated his “Pop art is for everyone” ethos into pixels, tweets, and status updates, a new photo app hazards a guess. Seizing the Warhol-mania moment, Campbell Soup Company has introduced “Pop Art Portrait,” a nifty tool for transforming your Facebook photos into a Warhol-style silkscreen. “A few lucky fans will receive their 15 minutes of fame by being displayed on the Campbell’s Condensed Soup Facebook cover photo,” promises the company on its “Art of Soup” site, created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans.” Once you’ve tired of the DIY portrait app, test your recall with a round of Soup Can Memory. Meanwhile, back in the non-virtual world, limited-edition cans (pictured) of Andy’s favorite–Condensed Tomato–are available at Target stores nationwide, reprising similar collaborations (between Campbell’s and The Andy Warhol Foundation) with Barneys and a Pittsburgh supermarket. In a true pop twist, the cans that sold at Barneys for $12 in 2006 during its Simon Doonan-helmed “Warholidays” campaign are now priced at just 75 cents each.

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