There’s an App for That: Gagosian Gallery

Our love affair with the work of artists such as Cecily Brown, Rudolf Stingel, and Kazimir Malevich (did you know he had a brief career as an amateur boxer under the name “The Black Square”?) takes a turn for the digital thanks to Gagosian Gallery’s new iPad app, designed by the nimble-minded wizards over at Available as a free download from the iTunes Store, the app is your source for Gagosian goodies that will change on a quarterly basis. The debut offerings include a touch-sensitive “sketch” view that reveals 20 states of a Picasso etching of his muse/lover Marie-Thérèse, gigapixel digital photography of recent paintings by John Currin, and archival footage of Robert Rauschenberg’s 1966 performance, “Open Score.” Can grainy film of a pugilistic young Malevich be far behind?

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