There’s a Petition to Get Beyonce and Jay Z’s Fake Movie Trailer Made Into a Real Movie

"Run" probably wouldn't be a very good movie.

on the run tourRemember at the end of that star-studded trailer for Beyonce and Jay Z’s “On the Run” concert tour where it says “Coming Never” in big flashing letters? Some fans aren’t happy about that. And what do you do nowadays when you’re disgruntled about the state of something? You start a petition.

The very demand from the document is simple: “Make a full length film for ‘RUN.'”

Folks, you really don’t want to see this movie. Though it’s great for Beyonce and Jay Z that they’re being asked.

With a huge tour coming, the couple and all of their people want to make sure there’s enough excitement out there to get the asking price for a ticket (anywhere from about $300 to about $1,000, and likely more for those willing to pay). Particularly because both of them had tours last year that commanded high ticket prices. That there are people still willing to pay is great for their pockets.

However, though there are a ton of recognizable faces in this faux-trailer, it’s pretty clear that this would be a terrible movie. You can basically see how this is all going to play out given Bey and Jay have cast themselves as a modern Bonnie & Clyde. For all the screaming, grunting, money-flinging and gunfire, it’s a pretty run of the mill story, better told by Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater in True Romance.

But, the petition says, “most importantly, it would make your fans happy.” Part of the celebrity PR game is also knowing when to take a step back. This week, Beyonce is on the cover of Life & Style because of a story that says she’s headed for divorce. With all of the recent goings on — the elevator video, the deleted Instagram photos, etc — it might be time for Beyonce and Jay Z to go back to being a little more elusive. Maybe lay low a bit before the concert and then give fame a break afterwards. When the tabs have got you on the cover, that’s an indication that you might be a little overexposed.

It’s a movie that would, in theory, do well. But in the long run, everyone involved in the trailer might be better off leaving this to the fans’ dreams.

h/t MTV