There’s a Good Reason Why We’ll Spend $2 on a Cup of Coffee But Not an App

Many app developers like to gripe about potential customers and their unwillingness to spend even a buck to buy an app. One blogger has had enough.

Josh Lehman posted a compelling argument on his blog yesterday. He explains the reasons why people are willing to pay $4 for a cup of coffee but a $1 for an app. It starts with the simple fact that with Starbucks we know what we’re buying, while with apps each purchase is a crap shoot.

I know I’ll like my cup of coffee. It will fully meet my expectations. For the $4 I spend I don’t expect it to change my life. I don’t expect it to even last beyond its last drop (and a trip to the bathroom later). It’s an experience I can fully trust will be pretty much the same each time. There’s no gamble here. Ask me if I’d like to drop $4 on a cup of your new “Instant Refresher Juice 1.0″ and there’s a very good chance I’ll pass. Or, maybe I’ll ask for a free sample to see if your $4 Instant Refresher Juice 1.0 is as good as Starbucks Coffee.

There’s a lot more to his post than that, and if you’ve ever wondered about why you might balk at buying an app then I’d strongly encourage you to read his post.

via Josh Lehman