There Is A Difference Between Design And Decorating And HGTV Missed It


We love readers who write to us, especially when they point out ultra-salient things, like the fact that HGTV seems to have totally missed the fact that design and decorating are not the same. Yesterday we told you about the upcoming show, Design Star, where people do all sorts of ridiculous things on television so that they can be on television, with some ludicrous promise of eventually hosting their own design series, if they survive. We were in the middle of trolling through sophomoric room arrangements, rocking out, and then we got this:

I was reading the Unbeige online article [Ed: It’s a post. A post!] “Do You Want to be a Bright Shining HGTV Star?” and I could not help but notice the blatant mistake in the show’s title which, quite honestly, made me wince. “HGTV Design Star.” I was immediately interested, thinking that perhaps this was a show geared towards interior design, involving wall placement, lighting, and the like derived from ergonomics and anthropometrics. But I was disappointed when I realized that the show was not about “design” but about “decorating.”

We, for one, will never trust again. And just when Dr. Phil said we were doing so well. And then, wham:

I once heard the saying: Interior design is about moving walls, interior decorating is about moving pillows. I think that pretty much sums it up.

Oh snap. Reader went there. Nice.