There’s no Business like Show business, Get into the Biz Now

shutterfly_galleryI didn’t know that getting into show business just involves three things – connect careers and community. Well, for famous showbiz lifestyle magazine Variety, those are just the three things you need to get into show business via its own social networking site-the Biz.

Variety’s the Biz is for you, if you are from the Biz, want to be in the Biz or just love the Biz. If you answer yes to any of these three questions then you certainly have a reason to get into the Biz now.

The Biz is a new social networking site from Variety and famous jobsite, Mobster. It serves as an online community for all media professionals. When you’re in theBiz, you can do these three things:

Connect – find colleagues, friends, and mentors in the entertainment industry. It’s your usual networking redefined and made easy to help you in your networking tasks.

Careers – since you’ll be in the company of media professionals when you join the Biz, you can easily meet other professionals in the business, recruit new talent, search for jobs, promotions or projects.

Community – of course, the Biz wouldn’t be a social networking site, if the community will not be mentioned. Through the Biz, you can exchange ideas, projects or test your latest pitch. The Biz’ community might be the start of your flourishing career in show business.

The Biz is also tied up with Facebook and LinkedIn. So if you use any of those social networking site, you don’t have to create a new profile just to register at the Biz. You can use your Facebook and LinkedIn to join the Biz.

So, if you are really into this kind of things, then you shouldn’t waste time. Get into the Biz and open up new windows of opportunities for you.