TheLadders’ Study Shows 35 Percent of Job Seekers Want to Move

US mapIf you’re looking for a new job, you may be among the 35 percent of job seekers who are looking to make a big move. Literally.

TheLadders data team looked into how often job seekers in their database look to move outside their current location. Known as the designated market area (or “DMA”), the results were significant.Job hunters from smaller markets looked for out-of-town jobs mostly in New York City. Behind New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco trailed Dallas, Atlanta and Houston. The latter three cities were more popular than Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C. Perhaps that’s due to popular hubs for technology, marketing and sales opportunities.

According to their press release, expressing interest in another location doesn’t hinder recruiters’ interest levels too much. TheLadders discovered that 12.7 percent of candidates received a positive rating by recruiters. This is in comparison to an 11.3 percentage acceptance rate for applications received outside of their job location.