TheLadders Says It Guarantees You A $100k Job For $2500

Here’s an interesting thought, no matter what your opinion is of TheLadders: the “only $100k jobs” board says that for $2500, you’re guaranteed to get a job offer in six months.

The new program, Signature, requires prospective jobseekers to attend seven online career coaching sessions, apply to six jobs, and complete other assignments as the jobseeker’s personal coach suggests.

TheLadders CEO Mark Cenedella explains:

When you sign up for Signature, you are assigned a dedicated Career Advisor. The Signature program is a two-way partnership in which you’ll be working closely with your Career Advisor over the phone and over the internet to land your job offer. You’ll be speaking with her or him weekly for the first couple months and then every other week after that.

Together with your Career Advisor, you’ll establish your (realistic) job goals, have your resume re-written by a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), create your elevator pitch, and establish good practices and habits in job applications, networking and interviewing.

In a yearlong pilot, the program achieved a 90 percent success rate, he said.

Critics say that if this program is so successful, jobseekers should pay upon receiving the job, not six months earlier; others note that out of the pilot program, 75 percent of the testers were already employed; those critics aren’t sure what a program like this would offer for the jobless.