TheLadders Makes Bewildering Announcement

TheLadders, the job board that promised “only $100k” jobs to only $100k-level employees for $15+ a month has announced that it is opening its job board up to everyone.

In addition to being able to apply for the listings no matter what your salary, the company is now offering career coaching and resume rewrites to everyone.

“These offerings, once exclusive to $100K+ salaried professionals, will soon be available to all motivated job seekers looking for the next opportunity to move their careers forward,” the company said in a press release.

Since the resume rewrites start with what jobseekers have noted is a canned sales pitch (and then ask for $695), and the job listings aren’t actually guaranteed to be “only $100k+”, the last “exclusive” thing TheLadders had to offer was the quality of its candidates. So…..doesn’t “allowing” other jobseekers to join the site make TheLadders into……just an expensive version of or