TheFacepad Surges on This Week’s List of Growing Facebook-Connected Mobile Apps

There’s a surprise in this week’s list of the mobile apps gaining the most Facebook users, as we derive it from our AppData tracking service. Facebook client apps typically dominate the tops of the charts, with independent apps — mostly from startups with Connect integration — are coming up from below.

This time, one of the two main third-party Facebook apps designed for the iPad is blowing up. TheFacepad has gained 234,000 users in the past week, putting it at 748,000 monthly active users since it launched at the start of this year.

Top Gainers This Week – Mobile

1. Facebook for iPhone62,187,311+1,100,064+1.76%
2. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones28,674,574+471,333+1.64%
3. TheFacepad746,790+234,244+46%
4. Samsung Mobile4,953,967+138,096+3%
5. HTC Sense5,745,603+137,385+2%
6. Ovi by Nokia2,287,150+134,465+6%
7. Snaptu3,368,807+70,186+2%
8. Nokia5,040,656+62,684+1%
9. Foursquare1,505,993+61,745+4%
10. Bump268,712+37,699+16%

It’s not clear why the app is growing so quickly, at least in terms of MAU. Rival Friendly had a huge December, possibly due to people receiving iPads for Christmas then downloading the app, and it clocked up nearly 1.5 million MAU by the time TheFacepad launched, then its growth slowed to a crawl.

The daily active user counts, meanwhile, tell a different story. While Friendly has continued to average around 450,000 DAU, TheFacepad has been averaging around 80,000 DAU for weeks, despite all of the recent growth.

As we wrote about the apps last week, both have free and paid versions, which are currently $0.99. TheFacepad’s paid one comes without advertising, while Friendly’s free version lets you try before you buy. Check out our previous coverage for more details.

One other note on those apps. Friendly Plus, the paid version, has already gotten so big relative to other paid iPad apps that it is at number 32 on Apple’s newly-released All-Time Top Paid iPad Apps list.

Meanwhile, Facebook has not made any new moves to create an official iPad app.

However, the company’s official iPhone app continues to be the largest free one on the device, according to the Apple charts. AppData currently shows it with more than 62 million MAU, gaining a million additional ones each week, and DAU meanwhile continues to about half of the MAU — one of the highest out of any app on Facebook’s platform, as well.