TheElectoralMap Blogger Now Posting for

Patrick Ottenhoff, the blogger behind political-geographpy site, has landed a contributor gig with Says editorial director Bob Cohn:

Patrick Ottenhoff is a terrific journalist who has an eye for mapping data in a compelling way. He’ll be posting a Map of the Day for us five days a week — often, but not exclusively, in our Politics channel. Those pieces will also be posted to his personal blog, TheElectoralMap. In addition, Patrick will write exclusive pieces for The on a regular basis.

Ottenhoff apparently started with on June 29, with a post titled “Gun Restrictions Correlate Little to Crime Levels.”
We can’t help but see flashes of The New York Times‘ partnership with polling site FiveThirtyEight, which was announced in early June and is slated to launch in August. In the gearup for the 2010 elections, it probably doesn’t hurt anyone to have as many political infographics as possible.