Theaters Encourage Twitter Users To Tweet in Seats

While it may have been considered rude in the past, tweeting while sitting in a theater is now being embraced by some venues across the country.

The idea is that cultural institutions encourage Twitter users who attend events to live tweet shows by giving tweeters reserved seats and a hashtag. Here is an account from one Twitter user who sat in a tweet seat during a performance of the musical Memphis at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island.

Throughout the performance we happily tweeted away. We were cautious about not giving too much detail, imparting our enthusiasm for fabulous music and sets and commented about the energetic, happy audience.  No photos were taken during the performance, but we took photos before, at intermission, and afterwards, tweeting each one. When we saw each other’s tweets pop up, we followed each other, and re-tweeted other’s tweets.

Theaters in Minnesota, Florida, Ohio and New York have also experimented with tweet seats. What do you think?

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