Trailblazing Female Journo’s Career Advice: ‘Get Into Another Business!’

Now 80, Theasa Tuohy worked for AP and five daily newspapers.

theasatuohyOne-time Star-Ledger reporter Theasa Tuohy, now 80 (pictured), spoke recently with that paper about her career. She also worked over the years for AP and four other dailies including the Detroit News, where she was the first female assistant city editor.

Tuohy is additionally a novelist and co-writer of a musical about the life of D.H. Lawrence. When interviewer Jacqueline Cutler asked what advice she would give young female journalists today, Tuohy replied:

“Get into another business! I think I am being negative because I don’t understand how these blog sites work. There is probably a lot more journalism going on online than I know. I don’t understand how freelancers can afford to live.”

Tuohy also recalled a phase at the Star-Ledger during which male colleagues tried to “freeze her out” in the newsroom with the silent treatment. She simply ignored them.
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