The ‘Zuckerberg Selfie Stick’ Is the Gift You Need This Holiday Season

Today in Clever, Shameless Self-Promotion news, the CEO of an Australian tech retailer called Kogan has introduced the gift that you didn’t even know you needed: the “[Mark] Zuckerberg Selfie Stick.”

What is this curiosity, and how does it relate to everyone’s favorite Jesse Eisenberg look-alike?

You know you want to click through.

After noticing that the very man responsible for the Oxford English Dictionary’s “word of the year” has never posted a selfie, business genius Ruslan Kogan (whose name is straight out of Game of Thrones) wrote an “open letter” to The Zuck urging him to take the selfie leap and offering him the perfect tool with which to do it.

It’s basically an expandable pole with an attachable mirror that helps you take the perfect selfie: no centering problems, no way-too-close shots, no half-faces, no unwanted photo bombs. Kogan writes:

We’re honouring your achievements by naming this revolutionary product after you:

No more dropped phones because of jittery or slippery hands while taking selfies. No more having to take 12 selfieS before you find the right angle (we included a handy mirror). The extra-reach of the Kogan Selfie stick also means you can get the optimal duck face angle.

We’ve confirmed with DHL that it arrived to your office and was signed for today. I look forward to seeing you use it to post your first selfie on Facebook soon, and seeing you lead the Selfie 2.0 revolution.

If however you don’t do this, we’re going to go to plan B and call this the Kardashian Selfie Stick, as we know she’ll be up for it ;).

Here’s to making the most obvious joke! We would suggest that Mark take his first selfie with that goat he just hunted to death, but he appears to have ended his flirtation with the “only eat what you kill” movement.

So keep it boring, Mark. Just not as boring as your headshot.

(H/T to TheNextWeb)