The Young Turks Do Their First Spin-Off, A Movie Review Show

As we’ve written about in the past, if anyone is in the position to do to television what blogs did to newspapers, it’s our local yokels The Young Turks. Their Internet based show is averaging half a million views a day on YouTube and today they announced show number two on their “network.”

The press release in-full:

February 17, 2010 (Los Angeles) Announced today, Ben Mankiewicz (Turner Classic Movies), Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes) and Cenk Uygur (“The Young Turks”) will host the new Internet program “What the Flick?!”, a live online video talk show filled with clips, reviews, honest discussions – and arguments – of the week’s must-see films. “What the Flick?!” makes its official premiere on Friday, February 19th at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET through the “TYT” Internet hub.

Hosts Ben Mankiewicz, Matt Atchity and Cenk Uygur will offer unfiltered and diverse film criticism to a large online audience hungry for a knowledgeable but more irreverent take on movies. Ben Mankiewicz is a host on Turner Classic Movies and formerly co-hosted “At the Movies” and “The Young Turks.” The Mankieweicz name has long been associated with filmmaking at its best. Mankiewicz is the grandson of Oscar-winner Herman Mankiewicz (CITIZEN KANE), and great-nephew of four-time Oscar-winner Joseph Mankiewicz (ALL ABOUT EVE and A LETTER TO THREE WIVES). On “What the Flick?!”, Ben is reunited with Cenk Uygur, the host of “The Young Turks,” a show Mankiewicz co-hosted for several years.

“‘What The Flick?!’ is a chance to combine two things I love — movies and Cenk,” explains Mankiewicz. “Scratch that. It’s a chance to combine something I love — movies — with someone I’ve come to tolerate over the years,” he affectionately adds. “Honestly, this is a great next step for me after ‘At the Movies.’ It gives me an opportunity to continue reviewing films in a more unscripted, unfiltered setting with Matt, who I’ve come to know and respect in the past year, and with Cenk, who remains one of my closest friends in the world (and someone I continue to tolerate).”

Co-host Matt Atchity is the Editor-in-Chief of Rotten Tomatoes, the Internet’s leading movie review website. Prior to joining Rotten Tomatoes, Atchity spent over a decade covering movies and entertainment for Yahoo! Movies, Extra Online and AOL’s Entertainment Asylum. His hosting position with “What the Flick?!” brings a voice to the show that not only relays his professional analysis and personal opinion on the movies, but also incorporates the combined wisdom of every major critic across the country through Rotten Tomatoes. “I’m very excited to be working with Ben and Cenk on ‘What the Flick?!’,” says Atchity. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to personally review films with them, plus I’ll be able to share other critics’ reactions from Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer.”

Cenk Uygur, known for his strong, independent political opinions and irreverent take on pop culture, hosts the popular radio and online talk show “The Young Turks,” the Internet hub for “What the Flick?!”. While also contributing as one of The Huffington Post’s most popular bloggers, Uygur has launched and established “The Young Turks” as the premiere destination to watch news commentary online every day. “The Young Turks” YouTube channel is broaching the monumental number of 200 million channel views. While “What the Flick?!” will have its own YouTube channel, Uygur says it will share the irreverence and honesty that is the hallmark of “The Young Turks.” “This really represents the growth of ‘The Young Turks’,” says Uygur. “And I’m so excited to work with Ben again. He invented the word entermation for our original TYT show — entertainment and information put together in a smart way (rather than infotainment, which is for the guys at ‘Access Hollywood’). Along with Matt, who knows all there is to know about movies, we’ll bring that same fun entermation to the movies now.”

“What the Flick?!” is produced by TYT Networks and airs live every Friday at Reviews can also be seen on the new YouTube Channel What the Flick Show.