The Yearbook Committee Did A Wonderful Job This Year

We usually forget about this book every year and then we see it and we think, “Oh yeah, this book.” So here we are again, and here’s the new, twentith-anniversary edition of The International Design Yearbook. It features a selection of the best object design from around the world, largely for the home, and also a look into original new products for all over the place (not just in your house). If mediabistro will loan us the $53 the book costs, we would love that. Ah, heck, we’ll just fork out the cash ourselves. It’s worth it. Alissa, pay the people, won’t you? Here’s the whole rundown:

Every year for 20 years now, there’s been an International Design Yearbook and a guest editor. The yearbook is an international showcase of object design for the home and identifies new, original and interesting work in the areas of furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and products. This year guest editor Dutch designer Marcel Wanders surveys the world of design and presents his eclectic selection which ranges from packaging for lipsticks and disposable underwear to a loft cube and inflatable mobile office space. In addition to the requisite exquisite photos, full technical information is provided for each entry. Additional insight is provided by an illustrated feature highlighting key events in the design world in the last twelve months, as well as quotes from well-known designers about their favorite designs of the year. Hardcover, 240 pages, 300 color images, $53.55 at Amazon.