The Year Plays Back Out in This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Now that Christmas and the various other denominational holidays are mostly past, all that’s left is to look back over 2010 and wait for the calendar year to change. Most of the fastest-growing apps (but not games) on this week’s AppData list by monthly active users are year-in-review titles of various types.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille69,871,125+21,944,807+46%
2. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends 🙂10,383,935+8,362,583+414%
3. Badoo12,007,165+3,853,653+47%
4. My Year In Status15,329,391+1,783,588+13%
5. Causes22,837,964+1,729,006+8%
6. Tarjetitas4,252,426+1,549,517+57%
7. Monster Galaxy2,769,157+1,397,648+102%
8. Zuma Blitz6,157,812+1,344,490+28%
9. My Top Words of 20101,418,363+1,236,716+681%
10. My Year In Photos2,319,007+1,213,064+110%
11. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel2,173,690+1,164,929+115%
12. JibJab6,574,281+1,131,294+21%
13. ♥ LoVe To YoU ♥1,959,902+1,068,718+120%
14. Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad2,567,667+1,054,477+70%
15. @Hearts10,349,872+960,588+10%
16. FarmVille57,240,576+924,896+2%
17. @Hugs11,116,690+871,906+9%
18. Zoo World8,199,648+823,056+11%
19. My Best Friends of 2010740,709+739,412+57,009%
20. Treasure Isle14,166,285+730,937+5%

CityVille, of course, is still blowing away everything else. The new Zynga game has the momentum to cross 85 million MAU, the number required for it to become the largest Facebook app ever by MAU.

The eight million MAU gained by Prosperous New Year To All My Friends 🙂 is nothing to scoff at, though. The greetings and wall-posting app has burst upward; it should retain its users for a few days, though it will quickly fall once 2011 arrives. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel and Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad will already be on their way down.

My Year In Status, My Top Words of 2010, My Year In Photos and My Best Friends of 2010 are the aforementioned review apps, helping active Facebook users to look back over what they did in 2010. Unlike the greeting apps, which tend to only do well once, these looks more like perennial plants, growing anew each year.