The WSJ Abroad: Size Matters

The WSJ Abroad: Size Matters

The venerable Wall Street Journal is responding to shrinking circulation with a little shrinkage of its own, switching from broadsheet to tabloid format in its European and Asian editions.

The move will save $17 million per year but will cut down on space and thus content, according to the NYT (but factored into the savings should be some reduced revenue since advertisers typically demand a break to reflect reduced ad space. Good thing they’re axing a few jobs, then).

As Barron’s recently announced, the WSJ-streamline is meant to make the paper more convenient, easier to navigate and presumably more friendly to the internet-savvy/blackberry-addicted/print-eschewing readers it’s in danger of losing.

Will it happen here? And will it matter if the WSJ’s readers are all on-line anyway? WSJ publisher Karen Elliott House says never say never: “The only thing we can count on is that things will change in the information world” (lately, you’ve also been able to count on the fact that it ain’t good for the WSJ and Dow Jones).

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