The Worst Boss In America Is….

The one whose employee was in an ambulance, possibly having a heart attack, yet kept calling and threatening to fire her.

We mentioned this contest from Working America earlier this summer—people who wrote up short stories about terrible bosses would win a vacation, courtesy of the AFL-CIO.

The “boss with no heart” won the People’s Choice award, but two other storytellers are also getting vacations:

There was the woman whose doctor boss would leave her undies and medicated cream all over the place, which won the contest for Most Shared (though except for the granny panties, this sounds like the plot to Horrible Bosses).

The Staff Pick winner was the salesperson whose boss decided the team wasn’t meeting quota, so he took away everyone’s chairs.

They’ll all get vacations, and the runners-up will get cash or prizes.

Er, congrats to the winners. You all have had horrible workplace experiences, YAY!!!!

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