The World of Bloomberg Markets

Bloomberg Markets is an exclusive magazine. As Business Insider puts it, only the financial elite subscribe to the magazine because it costs $20,000 to do so, and unless you’re really into money, there’s not much in it for you.

Or is there? Bloomberg Markets has been nominated for a National Magazine award, and one of its pieces even earned a nod from the Pulitzer board. It’s also updating its look, with a redesign that might attract more readers.

If all of that isn’t enough, the staffers at Bloomberg Markets know it doesn’t really matter if anyone reads. As Chris Kurtz, Advertising Sales Director, explained, people subscribe to the magazine so they can advertise on Bloomberg Terminal. “If you want to reach this audience, you can in only one way: That magazine. That magazine allows you to have an electronic presence on Bloomberg,” he says.

It’s a good point, but here’s an even snobbier way to put it, from Kurtz: “Nobody has this audience. These guys are rich. They don’t shop, they buy, and they run the world’s money.”

Next time we go to a store, and someone asks us if we need any help, we’re going to reply, “We don’t shop, we buy.”

Can’t wait!