'The Wizard Of Oz' Is Facebook's Most Explosive Page

This week's fastest growing pages include many surprises, such as the number one ranking of The Wizard Of Oz page.

This week’s fastest growing pages include many surprises, such as the number one ranking of The Wizard Of Oz page. Read on for more, and if you like what you see here, don’t forget to look over our detailed statistic tool used to build these rankings!

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name# Of FansDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. The Wizard Of Oz538,945263,028499,716
2. Mostafa Shaban403,12898,580205,758
3. North Carolina Tar Heels364,04751,435128,891
4. Zoom TV840,4221,660108,556
5. J-Ax429,1704,02598,812
6. HadiseTV230,92088,80390,153
7. DJ Mag145,5886,59582,747
8. Autodesk Students242,00524280,381
9. “Rizzoli & Isles”386,9961,40678,596
10. “Shark Week”284,53715,31076,307

Movies And Television

Finishing with a roaring 499,716 weekly growth total, The Wizard Of Oz kicks off this edition of the explosive countdown. The classic film’s 72nd anniversary is nearing this month, and the assumption can be made that had, at least, a hand in its success.

Changing directions, Egyptian actor Mostafa Shaban‘s regular interactions with fans helps to grow his plays a part in a significant 205,758 increase — a second place finish. Social networkers are heading to Zoom TV for the latest insider information on their favorite Bollywood stars and shows; the network increases by 108,556 likes and conquers the fourth position.

A strong social media presence for the popular drama “Rizzoli & Isles” pays off; the television series is found in the ninth position collecting 78,596 new fans. Rounding out the countdown, it is once again that time of year where we get frightened of the water: “Shark Week” returns to our list. and it brings with it a weekly growth total of 76,307 on Facebook.


As many gear up for the fall semester, supporters of the North Carolina Tar Heels are showing pride for the school’s athletic programs on the social network. Fan the page for the latest news surrounding their various sports teams; a 128,891 seven-day improvement lands the UNC page the third spot.


New event dates and upcoming record releases help Italian rapper J-Ax climb the explosive countdown to fifth place; the new information entices 98,812 people to tap the like button. Similar news earns HadiseTV, a Turkish artist also building in popularity, a spot just behind with a 90,153 increase.

Anticipation is building amongst dance music lovers: DJ Mag is currently in the midst of creating a massive countdown covering the best disc jockeys in the business. The competition has 82,747 more onlookers, and the publication jumps to seventh place.

Young Professionals

Autodesk Students makes noise by offering members — a majority of whom are young and aspiring design professionals and students — the opportunity to receive discounted programs and software. Keep an eye out for back to school specials; the page comes in eighth growing by 80,381 new likers.

Readers, did you find yourself frequenting any of this week’s ten featured pages?