The Winklevoss Brothers Are Back At It

In the past month or so Facebook settled with the Winklevoss brothers who founded ConnectU and claimed that Facebook stole their source code. Well it now appears that suing Facebook has become their full-time job. According to Bloomberg, the brothers now have some new “Smoking Gun” computer evidence. The attorney for ConnectU has claimed that they are being forced into a settlement and will file a fraud claim as a last resort.

Apparently ConnectU signed the settlement document before all of the evidence in the case had been turned over. “The judge compared the situation to ‘buyer’s remorse.'” According to the article:

“The parties chose to do what they did based on imperfect knowledge of what the outcome of the case might be,” Woodlock [the serving U.S. District Judge] said. “You knew at the time you entered into the agreement it wasn’t complete.”

The settlement must ultimately be approved by U.S. District Judge James Ware in San Jose, where a related case between the companies is pending. Ware has scheduled a June 23 hearing on the accord.

Apparently the new evidence resides in instant messages on Facebook’s computers. The instant messages were found by a forensic expert who was prevented from “discussing with ConnectU anything he found that wasn’t computer code.” Douglas Woodlock, the residing judge, accurately called this new statement “buyer’s remorse.” Silicon Alley Insider contacted ConnectU’s lawyers about the instant messages.

“His response: ‘We don’t have them. The courts have them, Facebook has them, but ConnectU doesn’t have them.’ Then he hung up.” Too bad for the Winklevoss brothers! It’s amazing that they continue to make their way into the news even though there has already been a settlement. One should hope that this is the last we hear from them.