The Whorld of Paul Wharton: Take #2

This weekend’s edition of “Paul Wharton’s Style,” the new TV show airing Sundays at noon on DC50, opens with Paul’s TV team preparing for a blowout party. Paul Wharton is seen breezing through his offices with heads turning as he passes by. When he meets with the team planning his blowout, he finds out that the soirée will be catered by his favorite Washington restaurant, Georgia Brown’s. Paul is so excited and squeals, “I think this is going to be the closest thing I’m going to have to a wedding.” While they finalize plans, Paul sachets away to get his “hair right and outfit tight.”

Cut to the evening of the party where Paul says, “I was right on time..  If my party started two hours late.” It looked to be an exciting time and everyone was having fun. And then Paul’s “best friend”, Omaraso Manigault, from “The Apprentice,” showed up. We’re sure the cameras missed the eye rolls of party-goers when they saw one of TV’s greatest villains walk into the room. It was hard to tell who was wearing more makeup: Paul or Omarosa. (But, I can tell you who wore it better – Wharton Whins.)

All-in-all, the party seemed like a success. Mini-banana cream pies were passed around the party because it’s his favorite dessert. It’s not terribly surprising that a dessert featuring bananas and cream is favored by one of Washington’s more flamboyant entertainers. Partiers were entertained by 10 flat-screen televisions with the face of Paul Wharton on each one.

After a commercial break, we meet Paul in New York City where he sits down with ABC “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd. Paul talks to her about how she remains starstruck by Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg. Shepherd is a big bore. More importantly, any second that the camera is off Wharton, we start to hate the show. Wharton is the high-octane jet fuel that rockets the program forward. Keep the camera on Wharton.

While Paul is on his NYC getaway, he drops by Sadie’s Kitchen, a restaurant run by friends. Paul heard they make the best mac and cheese on the East Coast, so Paul wants a taste. The next scene is Paul pounding on the table shouting for Grandma and mac and cheese. We’ve heard of acid flashbacks, but never mac flashbacks. Wharton is served two versions of mac and cheese that declares that it might be the best he’s ever had. He then bellows, “MAC AND CHEESE FOREVER!!!!” as the show comes to a close.

We are being 100 percent un-ironic when we say that “Paul Wharton Style” is one of the most entertaining shows on TV. You should be watching this. If we had one criticism of the show this week, it’s that we didn’t get enough Paul. It was way too much of boring Sherri Shepherd. Any moment that Paul isn’t on the screen, we start getting itchy and anxious for his return.

A piece of unsolicited advice? Keep the Paul in Paul Wharton Style.