The Whorld of Paul Wharton

When Betsy asked me to sit down to watch Paul Wharton Style, the new weekly lifestyle show on DC50 on Sunday at noon, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To be perfectly honest, Paul Wharton was pretty far off my radar. Maybe it’s just a guttural hatred for any boring, gross Housewives of Bullshit County or whatever the TV series is called, but it just didn’t click for me. So, last night, I poured a stiff Old-Fashioned, fired up the TiVo and sat down for an immersion into the Whorld of Wharton.

First impressions – This Paul Wharton lady is kind of hot. Whoever her stylist is should be commended.

Second impressions – Betsy is now telling me that Paul Wharton is a man and this just got weird.

Moving on to the production, the show struggles to hide its lo-fi production qualities. The first 10 minutes is practically a commercial for the Turnberry Towers, which is the setting for Wharton’s gabfest. He enters his suite and is met by the “Glam Squad” that teases his tresses and preps him to meet his guests, which are some of the members of the Real Housewives cast. And that’s where he loses me. This MENSA meeting gaggle of goons gather around to to gab about quantum physics, the duality of man and sustainable farming. Just kidding. They talk about hair and makeup. One of the Housewives reveals that she is in the middle of a divorce. The amount of alcohol consumed over the course of the show is slightly concerning. As they nibble on the world’s tiniest plates of food, Wharton declares that his diet is this simple. “I eat like a 5-year-old!” There’s no real explanation of that statement, so we can only assume that he eats fistfuls of goldfish and chocolate cookies and drops 70 percent of his food on the floor. That must explain his slender physique.

We reached out to Wharton to get his impression on the first show. He told FBDC, “Loved it! I would’ve liked to have gotten more personal and candid, they are classy ladies and I respect them. F’n chivalry :-)”

Considering our low, non-existent expectations, we were blown away by the energy of Wharton. The man is an whirlwind of guffaws and feathered hair. Combine that with the train wreck aspect of the whole production and we may have an instant classic on our hands.

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