The White House Twitter “Office Hours” Brings In 3,100 New Followers Per Day Since Launching [STATS]

It looks like holding office hours are good for both teacher and student. The White House has been hosting daily office hour on Twitter, where a senior staff member answers questions 140 characters at a time for about an hour, for a week now, and they’ve seen some massive success: nearly 22,000 people have started following them since they began.

Since announcing their office hours last week, staff has answered over 100 questions in once- or twice-daily hour-long chats using the hashtag #WHChat.

As described by the White House Blog, the White House Twitter account (@WhiteHouse) Twitter account has seen 3,100 new followers each day since beginning these chats, which is up 37 percent from the 2,257 new followers they were seeing pre-office hours.

But what’s even more remarkable is the number of mentions that @WhiteHouse has seen since launching its office hours. Before last week, they saw an average of 900 per day – and now, they’re enjoying a whopping 5,000 mentions every single day, an increase of more than 450 percent. It’s great news, but I don’t envy their social media team!