The White House Doesn’t Care How You Nerds Dress

Did you know that the U.S. Digital Service is a thing? It is now. The White House established it in order to create “a customer-focused government through stronger IT“, aka hiring the people who helped fix after realizing that the most talented programmers around do not happen to double as public employees.

One of those people was Mikey Dickerson — current title Deputy Federal Chief Information Officer, current LinkedIn status “pursuing a number of schemes“. He plays a starring role in this new “Day One” video:

While the group’s ostensible purpose is to ” improve the delivery of federal services, information, and benefits”, Dickerson wants you to know that the most important issue is the dress code — or lack thereof.

From The Hill and starting at 3:05 in the video above:

“I will put together a whole package…of the comments…and emails that I get…from people…who want to know whether I’m wearing a suit to work.

That’s just the quickest shorthand way of asking: ‘Is this the same old business as usual or are they actually going to listen?”

As Dickerson told The New York Times in an interview this weekend:

“I still have a cafeteria, free soda and a bowling alley in my building. So I’m right at home.”

Dickerson is obviously very good at his job, though something tells us he will not serve as the future face of government and that he won’t convince the Obama administration’s critics that public services can be a force for good.

But at least he doesn’t wear t-shirts to work.