The WhatsApp Business App Topped 5 Million Monthly Business Users

Several features were also added to the web and desktop

WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Business app for Android in January 2018 WhatsApp
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Roughly one year after debuting the WhatsApp Business application, the app is now used by more than 5 million businesses monthly.

The Facebook-owned messaging app is also bringing some of its most popular features to the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp said the addition of these features to web and desktop will simplify things for businesses on its platform:

  • Quick replies can be accessed by pressing / on the keyboard. They provide the most common replies to frequently asked questions.
  • Chats and contacts can be organized with labels.
  • Chat list filtering enables businesses to sort their chats by unread messages, groups or broadcast lists.
Quick replies
Chat list filtering

WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Business app for Android in January 2018, and it followed that up last August by unveiling its WhatsApp Business API (application-programming interface), which enables businesses to manage conversations with users and gives users an easy way to start conversations with businesses. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.