The Wendy Williams Show, PHILO: How You Doin’?

Social TV platform PHILO teamed up with Debmar-Mercury on a social-media experience based on syndicated daily talk show The Wendy Williams Show.

Viewers who watch the show via the PHILO Web app or iPhone/iPod Touch app will unlock the virtual “How You Doin'” Award, named after Williams’ signature phrase, and become eligible to win prizes including autographed photos and How You Doin’ T-shirts.

Williams was the subject of a So What Do You Do Q&A in May.

PHILO CEO David Levy said:

With a consistent five-day-a-week air schedule, syndicated talk shows present a tremendous base on which to build social-media engagement. Philo makes TV more fun, and we’re giving Wendy Williams fans an extra incentive to watch every day. We anticipate that the opportunity to tune in and win via PHILO will further extend Wendy‘s already-huge social-media reach and drive more viewers to watch the show more often.

Debmar-Mercury vice president of marketing Adam Lewis added:

Wendy‘s passionate and vocal fan base is one of the reasons for the show’s success. With PHILO, we are able to provide not only an exciting new way to watch and discuss the show together each day, but an opportunity to reward our fans for tuning in.