The Weekly Standard and the Washington Examiner Each Get a New Podcast

They'll be on PodcastOne.

The Weekly Standard and the Washington Examiner are each getting a new podcast, part of a new partnership between publisher MediaDC and podcasting network PodcastOne.

Washington Examiner’s new podcast, Examining Politics, is up first, debuting today. The show, hosted by senior Congressional correspondent David Drucker, is a roundtable-style discussion based around Examiner content. The debut episode features Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York and contributor Lisa Boothe, as well as an interview with RNC chair Reince Priebus.

The Weekly Standard’s podcast, called The Weekly Standard Confab, debuts May 7, with managing editor Eric Felten as the host. It will cover politics, yes, but also international relations and non-political subjects like art and culture, although one can make the case that everything, including the arts, is political, but we digress.

Politics is the lucrative game in town, and everyone wants in. Said PodcastOne chairman Norm Pattiz in a statement about the partnership, “There’s just too much going on this election season for PodcastOne not to be part of it. In partnering with MediaDC to produce and distribute podcasts from The Weekly Standard and Washington Examiner, we’ve accomplished our mission.”