The Weekend Box Office Was All About the Ladies

Most people who went to the movies this weekend decided to watch either Rise of the Planet of the Apes or The Help. Meanwhile, there were lots of leftover tickets for Glee: The 3D Movie.

Have we all slipped into a cinematic Dimension X where people prefer scary primates to show tunes? That might also explain all this gosh darn rain. But really, it just looks like the ladies played a big role in the box office tallies.

The Help has been screening for book clubs for weeks, sowing the seeds for its grand opening. Ultimately, according to New York magazine, 74 percent of the audience for this movie was female and 60 percent of it was over the age of 35 (experts said Disney was crazy for putting out a movie for older women during the summer).

Glee: The 3D Movie may have fallen short because audiences couldn’t see paying for something they’re getting for free at home, The Hollywood Reporter proposes. Its article about the flop also includes this line: “The pic played heavily to younger girls, with females making up 82% of the audience, while 66% were under 25.”

Taking it a step further, The New York Times published this interesting article about films targeting tween audiences, hoping to explain why girls in this age bracket come out strong for books they’re interested in, but don’t go in for the films. Perhaps the tween Gleeks didn’t come out for this movie either?

As for the popularity of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I honestly have no clue about that.

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