“The Week” Magazine Ranks #1

From a representative at “The Week”

    Wanted to let you know that The Week magazine (www.theweekmagazine.com) was ranked as the #1 most credible media by U.S. opinion leaders in a recent national study conducted by Erdos & Morgan (out of 138 print and broadcast media measured). Interesting to note that in its first-ever appearance in the bi-annual study, the 5 year-old news digest was ranked ahead of established competitors such as The Economist, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News.

    According to the study, the top 10 most credible media are: The Week, The Economist, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer (PBS), The New England Journal of Medicine, NOW (PBS), NOVA (PBS), National Review, Washington Week (PBS), The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Frontline (PBS).

    In case you are unfamiliar, the Erdos & Morgan (www.erdosmorgan.com) study is the best known and most widely used survey of thought leaders in the U.S. The study, which is conducted every two years, polls a total universe of 483,000 American thought leaders who shape policy and opinion in the public and private sectors. The study documents their involvement with contemporary issues and use of particular media as sources of information in their work.