The Week Lands Marc Ambinder

Marc Ambinder has officially landed! Formerly of The Atlantic, NJ and most recently a contributing editor at GQ, he fled Washington journalism for a little while, but now he has joined as its Editor at Large. He’s also launching a new daily blog column called “The Compass,” which debuts today. You can read it here.

The Week’s success is proof to me that thoroughness, thoughtfulness and concision don’t need to be casualties of our dizzying non-stop news cycle,” said Ambinder in a canned press release quote. “I’ve long been an aficionado and I’m honored to join as a writer.”

His first post on “The Compass” involves the gaffe. Just what is a gaffe anyway? He thinks the term is way overused in inappropriate ways.

In an early morning introductory post, he explained what the blog would and wouldn’t be. “I haven’t blogged regularly for awhile, and I don’t quite know how my own style has evolved,” he wrote. “I’ll definitely write about the presidential campaigns, trends in politics, national security, and foreign policy, as well as science, technology, and culture.” He also plans to pose a question on his Twitter account (@marcambinder) and incorporate your answers into his blog.

What he won’t write about? Everything. “I am going to stick to the rule I made for myself awhile ago: If I don’t think I have something interesting to say, or something valuable to add, I am not going to force anything.” He also made sure to note that he’s not a full-time blogger and is a consultant for Palo Alto-based Palantir Technologies that focuses on National Security. Ambinder promised full disclosures on anything that might touch that subject area and avoidance of writing about anything that might be a conflict of interest.

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