The Week In Review: Our Most Popular Posts And Our Comment Of The Week

flickr: Jesse757

Our most popular posts this week:

We’d like to again open the floor: what is it we can do for you? What do you want to see more of? Tell us via e-mail or in the comments.

Speaking of comments, our comment of the week goes to “chereestrin,” the editor of a new digital magazine for woman litigators, talking about the joys of a virtual office:

We publish SUE Magazine for Women Litigators, a bimonthly flipping magazine. We have 102,000 subscribers. There’s three of us all working virtually. The need for an editor, designer, photo editor and writer to gather around a table to look at a page proof is gone. There are too many software programs available, free teleconferences and more that makes that luxury no longer necessary. Would we like to have the company around us? Sure! However, we have no expensive real estate, rent, parking spaces, lunches, office supplies, food, excess labor, office equipment, furniture, and office politics to contend with. We concentrate on producing a quality product. What a way to live!

Now go enjoy your weekend.