The Week in Pool Reports

The first week of FishbowlDC’s White House Pool Report contest has concluded. And while we’ve seen more humor and color at a funeral than out of this motley crew, here are some of your choice selections.

  • “The President seemed to cut off his second standing ovation when he was introduced, perhaps to tamp down any appearance of triumphalism.” – John McKinnon, Wall Street Journal

  • “Also, the people in the second room learning civics were adults, not children. Sorry for any confusion.” – Stephan Dinan, Washington Times.

  • “His favorite food is cheese enchiladas.” – Dinan

  • “It was OTR madness in Laredo … It’s very hot here, by the way.” – Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle

  • “Coincidence? Bush took his seat among them and said, ‘Why don’t we bring a couple of plates of nachos?’ Adding: ‘On me.’ … On the way out, he urged the pool to drop some of its hard-earned money in the restaurant. But that was not on the schedule.” – Mason

  • “As Zelaya spoke, one of the presidential dogs — it was unclear which — began barking in a room adjacent to the Oval.” – Bartholomew Sullivan, Scripps Howard.

    Here’s to next week…

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