The Web Ticker: ProPublica, Google,…

> ProPublica, the independent, non-profit investigative newsroom, has launched a new tool on their Website which enables users to monitor changes made to government Websites. ChangeTracker lets users see exactly what was removed, edited or updated by showing side-by-side comparisons of sites before and after changes made to them.

> AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka writes about some advice Google is giving to newspapers: overhaul your Websites. “Present to me a front page rich with interesting content selected by smart editors, customized based on my reading habits (tracked with my permission),” writes Google exec Jonathan Rosenberg “Browsing a newspaper is rewarding and serendipitous, and doing it online should be even better.”

> has launched “Breakthroughs” a new section exploring emerging ideas in the fields of science and technology. The site will feature articles from Forbes’ “Digital Tools” columnist Lee Gomes; Jonathan Fahey, who continues his “Out of the Labs” column and Matt Herper and Robert Langreth, who cover biotech. The site is sponsored by Pitney Bowes.