The Web, Broken Down In One Easy-to-Read Graph


Suddenly it seems, UnBeige got all science-y with charts and graphs and neuroscience and all that. We promise, after this post, we’ll get back to normal. This time around, graphicPush has a terrific look at the overall layout of 200 company’s websites, chosen from Inc. magazine’s picks for the top 500 companies of 2006. It doesn’t analyze each or offer any “this is right and this is wrong” analysis, but rather, it gives a general picture of how corporations are functioning on the web with things like Global Navigation (is it consistent with the rest of the site?), Testimonials (do they include them?) and Properly Written Copyright (if they have them at all, were they constructed correctly?). Not only does it serve as a nice overview, it’s probably a handy resource for anyone developing a site for companies like these, to see if their work is really standing up to what else is out there.