The Weather Channel vs. DirecTV Battle Just Got Morbid (So to Speak)


So, this is still going strong…

Earlier this month, we discussed the fiscal fisticuffs involved between DirecTV and The Weather Channel because rates and Jim Cantore is just so cute (knees to his fans’ nuts and all). Just saying ‘Hi,’ I suppose.

The Weather Channel basically claimed DirecTV was extorting their professional meteorology and DirecTV essentially said The Weather Channel wasn’t all that. To wit, DirecTV placed the upstart (and slightly reminiscent of a news station in Des Moines, Iowa) WeatherNation in its place.

While this tete-a-tete hasn’t been the most friendly of debates, things just got a little awesomer as we discovered that the social media department at America’s beloved come-shine-come-rain network sucks out loud at social media.

Two examples after the jump

First, this was The Weather Channel’s first foray into making DirecTV feel bad:

That’s a threat. And while it was almost effective, that’s a ransacked trailer park left in the wake of some weather-related phenomenon. Possibly not the biggest visual to discuss your wrath. And then there’s this sophomoric attempt at fun-and-yuks:

Yes, when in doubt, joke about death. It always takes the sting off economic bemoaning, right? I’m sure said tweeter meant that in the metaphorical sense, but that is just way too many characters, right? So, TWC got caught with its pants around its ankles and were forced to do this, this and that.

We said it once and we’ll say it again, you had us until the very end, TWC. Keep it classy.