The Weather Channel for Android 3.0.0: Great New Features But May Not Work on Your Phone (Fragmentation)

I have a bunch of weather apps on my iPhone. However, Android’s annoying flash storage application installation limitations (only some apps can be installed to an SD card) forces me to choose just one weather app on that platform. The app of choice has been The Weather Channel’s app since getting my Motorola Droid back in November 2009. The app just received a major update to version 3.0.0

The Weather Channel for Android Mobile Application Offers All-new Version Free to Consumers

Unfortunately, the app appears to be suffering from another Android issues: Platform fragmentation. The app crashes instantly on the Motorola Droid and the Nexus S (Frank tested it on this model). Its widget, however, ran on the Droid although the app did not. It launches on a Nexus One but had problems accepting my location. I sent email to The Weather Channel to let them know about the issues on the Droid and Nexus S. I expect a 3.0.1 update will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here’s the list of 3.0.0 features:

– Voice search now allows consumers to obtain weather forecasts by speaking a location, whether by address, city, ZIP code or well-known landmark.
– The app now supports type-ahead for quicker location search when typing the destination.
– The all-new navigation bar along the bottom of the screen offers swipeable, one-click access to saved locations, current conditions, hourly forecasts, 36-hour forecasts, 10-day forecasts, severe alerts, maps, video and settings.
– In addition to the popular location-based local video forecasts, the video section now includes the “must see 6” videos each day from a national collection.
– In addition to metric (°C and kph) and English (°F and mph) options for units of measure, a “hybrid” version now offers Celsius and mph for users in the U.K. and Canada.
– Severe alerts provide the most up-to-date information for severe tropical weather, winter weather and more. Alerts will now be parsed to process language for easier readability, and consumers will also be able to turn severe weather alert notifications on or off.
– In addition, the app incorporates updates to The Weather Channel widget for Android, so customers can opt to view current weather data and severe weather alert indicators on the device home screen.