The Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, Hallmark Channel, and more in this week’s top 10 gainers in TV network pages

The Weather Channel leads this week’s list of top gainers in the People Talking About This metric among TV Network pages.

The top 10 pages gaining People Talking About This saw increases between about 30,000 and over 110,000 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   The Weather Channel163,813-7,113+110,453
2   Discovery Channel184,481-657+63,378
3   RTV NET135,349+1,852+56,161
4   History169,1640+52,360
5   Hallmark Channel USA97,7920+48,160
6   TenSports53,939+9,116+38,024
7   ABC News73,5420+32,410
8   G4TV236,0730+30,835
9   mbc 469,378-1,720+30,541
10   TV Guide Network31,798+146+29,631


The Weather Channel more than doubled its PTAT (from 71,155 to 154,725) which could be from the post below which received 17,702 shares. The PTAT seems to be measured two days behind, which is why we see PTAT spike just after this post was made. New Likes and additional engagement means a large increase in PTAT, which the page is looking to maintain with its subsequent posts, publishing up to eight a day.

The page also publishes an additional story when multiple pictures are added to the Timeline, which works as an another way to engage fans and raise the PTAT of the page.

Another top gainers was the Hallmark Channel after it published a post claiming it would award $200 to one of its 845,000 fans. The post itself received over 25,000 likes. Promotions like this are actually against Facebook’s terms of service because it requires users to take a native Facebook action in order to enter. In this case, Liking the page post. All contests and sweepstakes on Facebook must be done through a third-party application. Sometime pages will receive a warning about violating promotion guidelines, other times they may be disabled. Sweepstakes like this may also violate state laws as well.

However, because of this post, the Hallmark Channel’s PTAT has continued to grow from 49k to 97k. It will be interesting to see how the Hallmark Channel might engage fans in the coming weeks without the promise of cash.

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